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Hallbridge Education Group is at the forefront of student engagement and its constantly evolving nature in South Asia, Middle East, and the Far East.

The consultancy projects we’ve undertaken in the last 18 months, and particularly during the pandemic, have produced high quality results for our client partners.

These have included the following –

  • End to end admissions service in a major source market

  • Feeder school partnerships

  • Regional Office set up and staff hire, including quick scale up during peak recruitment times

  • Comprehensive Student Recruitment strategy including Competitive Analysis

  • New product launches in a number of different source markets

  • Consultancy and reporting with a view to position a new institution as a serious new offering

Whilst this covers certain aspects of what we have done in the past, our partnership with your institution can take number of shapes and sizes. Depending on what you feel is your overarching objective, we will present to you a strategy that will help you get to it sooner.

For us it doesn’t matter whether you’re an HEI with hundreds of international students per year, or a small summer programs provider.

In most cases – we’ve completely white-labelled our services so the students (or their schools) would receive exactly the same service as your institution’s teams would provide.

As an example, from Sep – Dec 2020 we partnered up with a summer school provider to launch their new offering in Al, Robotics, and Biotech programmes. We were asked to set up partnerships with local schools to raise the provider’s profile and ultimately engage with teachers and students. The service we were contracted for was delivered in record time and met all its stated objectives.

The point being, there’s a small number of source markets where we’ve operated for a number of years and we’ve developed expertise that is hard to replicate by other businesses.

We encourage you to have an informal conversation to discuss your objectives, and indeed challenges.


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