We’re On A Mission

To improve the way students – like yourselves – are advised to study in the UK


The Mission

Hallbridge Education Group believes that we can help you prepare to take on the most difficult challenges you will face by offering you expert advice and a choice of universities. This is achieved through a transparent and a clear process, and one that keeps your best interests at heart.

By studying and living outside of your own country – and comfort zone – you’re giving yourself the best chance to be more disciplined and more confident in your career. We start off your counselling session with a brief questionnaire to try and understand why you’d like to do what you’d like to do.

Our Services

We offer students a one stop service – so if we wish to pursue any of the following programmes you can count on us to deliver to you with many options so you can make an informed choice.

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How We’ve Helped

Like yourselves, we’ve advised and helped many students achieve their dreams. We listen, we converse, we propose the best options for you – and this is based on our experience and research. We also take into account your objectives and future plans – whether you’d like to return home to work in India, or join your family business, or would you rather stay on in the country of your choice.


Let’s Work Together


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