Our History

Between our 2 founder owners and our colleagues we have 30 years’ of experience in the field of Higher Education consultancy. About 4 years ago we agreed that we should help out, and assist, students who would like to study in the UK and gain valuable experience that will stay with them for years to come.

A small idea then led to a bigger conversation, and multiple conversations later we had a strategy ready that launched our newest office in Pune.

Both of our founders have been international students along with most of our colleagues and they can uniquely relate to you if you’re considering studying abroad.

Since 2017, we have assisted numerous students to join the university of their dreams in the UK.

We engage with our students – and their parents – in a constructive way helping you find the best programme of study. And our recommendation factors in your academic results, your financial situation, and most importantly, your ambition.

When you have your first conversation with us, you will notice we always start with ‘Why?’. Your answer tells us what is it that is most important for you–and that then becomes the basis of our engagement with you.


Our Code of
Ethical Practice

We’re committed to adhering to a set of guiding principles
that our staff refer to as ‘the code’, these are:

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