Our Star Advisers

Our team in the Delhi office is highly experienced, and most of them have been international students themselves so they can relate to you better. They are trained international education advisers. 

You will see below brief profiles of our senior staff in the Delhi office. If you’d like to meet with one of them, or speak with them on the phone, please reach us on 011 4045 5000.

Pawan Bajaj

Regional Head: South Asia

Pawan has been instrumental in launching our operations in India. Before joining Hallbridge Education Group Pawan spent many years at the British Council and has extensive contacts within the Indian education space.

Pawan’s expertise is wide ranging – a confident senior manager, he rallies his troops well and has a consultative style of student counselling. He’ll begin by asking your objectives, and the outcomes you expect after completing studies in the UK. He currently leads a team of highly trained advisers, and is based in our office at the World Trade Centre.

Pawan also manages one of Hallbridge’s key university relationships – with York St John University. And it is fair to say he’s the face of the business in India.

In his down time, Pawan enjoys travelling and spends time with his little one.

If you’re considering studying in the UK, please reach Pawan on 093190 90150.

Jatin Narang

Senior Admissions Manager

Jatin has joined Hallbridge Education Group in 2021 after being at the British Council for nearly eight years.

Jatin represents our key partnerships and is the lead team member for University of East London. He has quickly established himself as one of the key members of our team in Delhi. Jatin will take your application from start to finish and help you identify the best study programme for you.

Jatin style of counselling is quite easy going  – he’ll start by narrowing down the options available to you, and that depends on many factors including your grades and the funding available to you. He’ll try and match the university options with your personality and take into account practical requirements.

If you’re considering studying at University of East London please reach Jatin during office hours on 093113 78750.

Shivraj Ganasan

Admissions Manager

Shiv joined us this year after spending five years in Australia, studying and working over there.

Shiv has brought an interesting new perspective to the team in Delhi. Since he has been an international student himself, he can uniquely relate to what our students want. A promising new member of our team, Shiv has been learning quickly. Chances are he’ll answer the phone when you ring us up.
Shiv believes in laying out the process quite clearly for our students. He wants to understand your situation fully, before committing to an option for you.

Shiv is an ideal counsellor – the one you would want to talk to if you had a number of options in front of you, and you didn’t know which one to pick. Think of him as your mate. As your best friend who’s there to genuinely help you. His expertise lies in preparing our students for their admissions, interviews, and helping you meet your conditions on your offers.

Please reach Shiv on 093113 78751 and talk to him about the options available to you.

Palak Arora

Admissions Manager

Latest addition to our team, Palak has started her role as admissions manager working in Jatin’s team. Palak has worked with the British Council in Delhi and during her role there she offered counseling to students for programmes available and for IELTS preparation.

You will find Palak very detail-orientated, and that she allows you to explain your academic history, financial situation, and career background – and this ensures that she’s able to present to you the best possible options available. Since she has worked in Higher Education industry for the last few years, Palak is able to quickly offer great advice and the way forward, particularly if students are looking to study in niche areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Creative Industries, Graphic Design, Biotech, Psychology, Forensic Sciences etc.

Please reach Palak on 093113 78752 and talk to her about the options available to you.

The staff at Hallbridge Education is very experienced and they instantly put me at ease. They helped me navigate through multiple options and walked me through the steps from start to finish. I was at a critical juncture of my life and was considering a career change. I felt I had limited options. The staff in their Delhi office explained to me the options I had and offered excellent suggestions. I cannot thank them enough!

Priya Shah

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